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Sponsor A Child with a Membership

Sponsor just one child with a membership for 2021

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Sponsor A Child with a Membership for 2021

With many families trying to bounce back from the pandemic. There is still a long way to go. Taking some of the weight off of a struggling mother's shoulders is an awesome way to say Happy Mother's Day to a mother.

For just $965 you can provide a mother a little assistance by sponsoring her child with a membership to our program. The cost breakdown and the wonderful programs a child will benefit from are listed below.

Membership $85 per month.

Registration $35 one-time fee.

Meals $250 one-time fee.

For a total of $965 (This can be a one-time cost or it can be broken down into a monthly cost of $121)

Your sponsored child will have unlimited access to our youth center Mon-Fri from 12pm - 8pm, and Sat from 11am-3pm for the remainder of 2021. (This includes basketball, boxing, summer camp, game room, weekly field trips during our summer camp, workshops, tutoring, mentorship, entrepreneurship training, financial literacy, daily meals, and a t-shirt with your name recognized on the back showing our gratitude.

We will also send you the name of your sponsored child and keep you updated on his/her progress.

Lastly, we will add your name to our plaque of donors on the wall of our facility.